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Noel Rodriguez (cdmx)

Noel Rodríguez by origin is a graffiti artist, who is deeply inspired and is now a leading figure in the underground art movement where he lives in the city's eastern area. His initiation in the community led to tags, bombs, and more intricate pieces, some illegal and others with permission from space owners. He transitioned into serigraphy in 2001 at Faro de Oriente, a renowned cultural center in one of the country’s most insecure regions where he documented the everyday struggles of life in the area. He discovered his calling in graphic arts while studying at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas in 2006, where he focused on printmaking techniques. From 2008, his Graffika Urbana series emerged, documenting street interventions with social critiques.


He founded the Gráfica Urbana studio in 2016 and engages in workshops and exhibitions to promote cultural accessibility and artistic engagement. Noel continues to create pieces rooted in the concept of urban art with the aim of popularizing and representing culture and the arts.


Noel Rodriguez profile
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