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Victor Mora

Victor Mora is a visual artist based between Mexico City and Puebla. His artwork focuses on contemporary graphics expressed in different mediums. He is  inspired by Electrography.  The art created through these means emerges as a product of creative processes that involve the complete or partial use of images via photocopy machines, printers, plotters, computers, videos, and digital systems. The manipulation and use of these images serve as the final print, enabling an abstract and conceptual aesthetic within graphic art. Drawing inspiration from artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Mónica Mayer, Mario Rangel Faz of the SUMA Group, and Alejandro Pérez Cruz, he  seeks to reclaim a series of identity symbols such as Mexican wrestling, boxing, transportation, and cinema from past decades. His work delves into social and political themes within the ever-changing urban transformations of the various cities he inhabits. Victor Mora teaches art at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado Morelos, and as a Master at the prestigious INBAL School of Design, an integral part of the renowned National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature. He has had 20 solo exhibitions in Mexico and the United States.


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